AuditMaster - Release Notes
General Release - July 2016
These release notes cover the following topics:
Thank you for your interest in AuditMaster 12. Designed to meet the need for data safety and compliance with privacy and accountability practices, AuditMaster fits seamlessly into your PSQL environment. It offers you the ability to implement the data monitoring solution you need without changes to your database or overlying applications.
AuditMaster is an offering in the PSQL product suite that extends data access security and accountability in PSQL systems without requiring code changes to your application.
Please review these release notes for last-minute information not included in the AuditMaster user documentation.
Actian Corporation is dedicated to providing new and improved functionality with each release of AuditMaster to help you manage your data monitoring needs. The following topics outline cover features and enhancements found in this release.
What’s New in AuditMaster 12
AuditMaster has been updated to provide the following functionality:
Supported Operating Systems and Database Products
AuditMaster 12 is designed to work with the following operating systems and databases.
Operating Systems
AuditMaster is supported on the same Microsoft Windows platforms as PSQL v12 Server and PSQL Vx Server 12. For a list of these operating systems, see the PSQL v12 release notes at the PSQL website.
Database Products
AuditMaster 12 is supported on the following PSQL database products.
Other Requirements
You must have PSQL v12 installed on the system where you use AuditMaster 12.
The 32-bit AuditMaster v12 installer SetupAuditMaster32_x86.exe is not supported on 64-bit Windows.
To use AuditMaster 12 in IPv6 environments, you must apply the latest patch of PSQL v12 or PSQL Vx Server 12.
AuditMaster 12 does not currently support monitoring of data in Unicode formats.
We do not recommend running PSQL Defragmenter or Backup Agent at the same time as AuditMaster. Concurrent execution of these features and products may lead to engine errors.
Installation Notes
After reading these notes, see AuditMaster User’s Guide for additional installation information. You may download the latest version of this user’s guide from the PSQL website.
Trial License Information
If you are installing AuditMaster on a trial basis without entering a license key, please read the following notes:
Upgrade Notes
If you are upgrading from a previous AuditMaster version, you can carry forward audit records and settings to continue using your existing audit records and configuration settings in AuditMaster 12.
Upgrading from AuditMaster 8.10 or 7
If you upgrade from AuditMaster 8.10 or 7, use these steps to save records and settings for continued use:
Find the AuditMaster share location in your existing installation. The default is C:\Program Files\Pervasive Software\PSQL\Audit. Note the share name for reuse in step 3. From this directory, copy the following folders to the backup folder you created:
In Control Panel > Programs and Features, uninstall AuditMaster. When you see the following prompt, select Yes to completely remove the program:
Do you want uninstall to clean up Pervasive AuditMaster data and configuration settings?
This step is especially important for AuditMaster 7, since selecting No will later install AuditMaster 12 in the original AuditMaster 7 location, where the default was C:\Program Files\Pervasive Software\PSQL\Audit instead of the new location C:\Program Files (x86)\Actian\PSQL\Audit. Selecting Yes enables installation to the proper location because no previous installation is detected.
Install AuditMaster 12 using the steps under “Installing AuditMaster.” Be sure to use the same share name that was used in the installation of the previous AuditMaster version.
Copy the four folders you saved in step 1 above to the new AuditMaster share location, overwriting existing folders and their contents. In AuditMaster 12 the 32-bit share location is C:\Program Files\Actian\PSQL\Audit and 64-bit is C:\Program Files (x86)\Actian\PSQL\Audit.
Upgrading from AuditMaster 12
If at some future time you upgrade from AuditMaster 12 to a later version, the installer will automatically carry forward records and settings for use in the new installation.
Known Issues
All known issues for AuditMaster are published in the PSQL knowledge base at the PSQL website. In the knowledge base, search for "AuditMaster known issues."
Documentation Notes
AuditMaster documentation is provided in this release in several forms:
These documents are placed on your system as part of the AuditMaster installation. You can find them in the installation directory. The latest versions of the PDF and release notes are also posted at the PSQL website.
Technical Support
You can obtain technical support from several online options at the PSQL website:
Knowledge Base. Search hundreds of articles for answers and solutions others have found useful.
Community Forums. Join a technical discussion or post a question to start a new one.
PSQL Database Support page. Open a service ticket, submit a defect, or purchase support.
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