About Galaxy

Pervasive Galaxy is a Marketplace that sells products which allow apps, software and clouds to talk.

Pervasive Software has two decades of integration experience. As a company, we noticed that integrations we were building were being used once, and then being shelved to collect dust. We recognized those integrations could instead be reused and expanded on for the collective benefit. That idea built the foundation for Pervasive Galaxy.

Galaxy is the platform for you to both buy and sell integrations, either in whole or piece-by-piece. We list hundreds of Solutions, Templates, Plug-ins and Connectors made by Sellers on our Marketplace. These products can then be purchased and used by both Buyers and Sellers, whether you’re looking for a complete packaged integration or for pre-made pieces while building an integration of your own.

Be positioned at the top of your field

The more active you are in the Galaxy community and Marketplace, the more you are identified as an integration expert.

Expand your reach

Resell and build on integration work you have already done to generate new sales and additional revenue.

Benefit from visibility on the Marketplace

Take advantage of our SEO rankings and user base made up of thousands of companies to make it easier for new customers to find you.


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