The only hardware requirement is a personal computer and an Internet connection, and the only software requirement is that you have a browser (Actian BXManager is compatible with most standard browsers). Actian Business Xchange is an Internet-based service that allows you to exchange electronic business documents with all your trading partners. As an application service provider, we maintain the service for you and you save money on software and support staffs.

Actian Business Xchange uses a cloud architecture that allows you to communicate with all the systems and processes used by your trading partners. Recognizing that every company operates differently, Actian Business Xchange does not exclude business partners from participating based on their technology.

Actian Business Xchange supports practically any standard, including PIDX, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, SAP IDOC, BAAN, ASCII, XML, BizTalk, ebXML, and xCBL, as well as other proprietary and emerging standards.

Actian Business Xchange is the ideal solution for small- and medium-sized companies that must meet a customer's requirement for electronic transactions. The barriers of high up-front cost and IT staffing are removed with Actian Business Xchange - and Actian Business Xchange can transmit your information directly into your customer's back-office system.

Actian Business Xchange uses a secure architecture and adheres to standard security practices that allow us to provide the highest level of security. Trading partners interact with the Actian Business Xchange platform, while your information resides behind a firewall that protects against hackers and unauthorized access.

Actian Business Xchange supports all EDI standards, and is an ideal EDI alternative for small- and medium-sized companies. It's likely that only 20-25% of your trading partners are using EDI due to the high costs of implementing it. With such low up-front costs, Actian Business Xchange virtually eliminates all the reasons for not going paperless.

With Actian Business Xchange, there are no software or hardware costs beyond the PC, Internet connection, Windows, and a browser. All translations take place within the Actian Business Xchange platform. You also won't need to add additional IT staff with Actian Business Xchange. Unlike traditional VAN-based EDI, Actian Business Xchange has minimal testing requirements and no internal set-up requirements.

Your vendors can use a forms-based version of Actian Business Xchange (also called webforms), which ensures that the information they send to you is in the proper format. We will test to ensure that data flows from the forms to your network. Once that testing is complete, all forms users are compliant and individual testing is not necessary.

Very little, because of how intuitive and simple Actian Business Xchange is. We do provide online training via our inside support staff and our demonstration site.

Standard support is provided with all solutions during standard business hours. For greater coverage, our operations team offers a platinum level support 24 x 7. Details can be found at

Yes. We can integrate it with your back-office system. This means that information is delivered directly to your system in the format that it requires.

All documents can be printed, downloaded to your local hard drive, or deleted. Your electronic documents are stored on the Actian Business Xchange platform for 90 days.

You can use it to exchange practically any type of business information, not just traditional EDI.