History File for Pervasive PSQL v11 SP3
General Release

Enhancements and Problems Fixed

January 2013



Tracking Number Component Description
60683 ADO.NET ADO.NET sample “Escapes” raises “Unhandled Exception”
61342 ADO.NET ADO.NET “Communication Link Failure” with LONGVARCHAR column
61414 ADO.NET ADO.NET GetSchemaTable call may return IsKey value as empty
61740 ADO.NET Data Provider not supporting multiple active result sets correctly
61788 ADO.NET Add ADO.NET 4.0 provider
61845 ADO.NET ADO.NET Provider throws an "Unknown error -17" when a query is reused and statement caching is "on" (the default). (Escalations 228049 and 233354)
61229 Communication Add IPv6 support for SQL clients
61433 Communication First Terminal Server session may use 2 licenses on Linux
61510 Communication Performance issue establishing a connection when there are many (>400) active clients
61697 Communication Engine crash with PARC enabled and re-establishing session
61469 DTI DDFSTRCT.H needs Flags to Distinguish Data Types for DTI PvAddTable Call
61498 DTI DTI function PvAddTable() is deleting the data file if an error occurs during the add
61691 DTI DTI PvGetProductsInfo is not handling the buffer length properly
59867 Installation PSQL services will not start if both 32-bit and 64-bit install variants co-exist on the same system and one is uninstalled
61375 Installation Silent upgrade from v10 SP3 Workgroup or Client Cache installed as a service to Workgroup or Client Cache v11 changes to tray application
61464 JDBC JDBC is unable to resolve dynamic parameters such as: SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE ? = ?
61472 JDBC InsensitiveResultCache.getRow() returns invalid row number for ROW_BEFORE_FIRST
61489 JDBC JDBC query returns no rows when using lower-case constants in restrictions on case sensitive columns
60104 MicroKernel Database engine may hang when processing a CASCASE DELETE
61417 MicroKernel Add ClientWait Performance Monitor counters
61542 MicroKernel Timing window may cause possible file corruption from delta page roll-in from continuous operations
61548 MicroKernel Heavy parallel use of RI ON DELETE CASCADE can cause engine hang on multiprocessor machine
61550 MicroKernel Database engine may hang when processing a CASCADE DELETE
61553 MicroKernel Incorrect status reported on Btrieve files using both record and page compression when file size reaches its limit
61685 MicroKernel Use system cache to write data pages that are smaller than 4K disk sectors
61759 PDAC Add support for XE3
56183 SQL Add ORDER BY support in table subquery
58653 SQL ODBC can only retrieve up to 64K BLOB
61323 SQL SELECT … INTO :X without a FROM clause fails in a user defined function
61360 SQL Linux Client SQL application shows as user “Unknown” in Monitor
61367 SQL SELECT with joins and CASE containing LIKE expression may crash the engine
61386 SQL MAX and MIN aggregates on an Identity column return NULL instead of actual value
61389 SQL Trigger with invalid record alias crashes the engine
61391 SQL Update via SQLSetPos on table containing an Update Trigger may crash the engine
61393 SQL Unsigned integer parameters to a stored procedure or function may return “Error in argument”
61413 SQL Reading/inserting LONGVARCHAR or LONGVARBINARY may crash engine
61415 SQL “Numeric value out of range” or “No Argument or default value supplied” may be returned when UTINYINT or UBIGINT are parameters in a user defined function
61418 SQL SQL application using DAO runs slower due to limited catalog caching
61439 SQL ALTER TABLE to RENAME the table should return an error if table has relational integrity constraints
61441 SQL Accessing table with legacy “pseudo-integer” (with decimal places) may crash the engine
61442 SQL Nested calls to REPLACE() scalar function returns incorrect results when called in a stored procedure
61449 SQL SELECT… WHERE NOT(NOT… may return incorrect results
61461 SQL SET ROWCOUNT along with ODBC SQL_ROWSET_SIZE returns incorrect results
61463 SQL Data may be truncated on multiple calls to SQLBindParam and SQLExec
61471 SQL Remove ON DELETE CASCADE restriction for self-referencing foreign key
61478 SQL ODBC SQLSetStmtOption with SQL_MAX_ROWS or SQL_ATTR_MAX_ROWS returns incorrect results
61493 SQL ODBC SQLGetInfoW with SQL_INDEX_KEYWORDS was returning “Driver not capable”
61503 SQL View column alias name longer than 20 characters may cause the SQL engine to crash
61536 SQL SELECT with LEFT JOIN to an empty table may cause the SQL engine to hang
61543 SQL ORDER BY in a subquery does not work with COUNT(*)
61561 SQL “Currency not on record” returned to FORWARD-ONLY cursor on a statement using both UNION & UNION ALL along with TOP in a Table Subquery
61590 SQL Trigger is case sensitive for field names when referencing new and old values
61629 SQL SELECT with restriction containing LEFT or RTRIM optimizing on segmented index returns too many rows
61630 SQL SQL engine may crash with very large temporary sort file
61633 SQL Query with UNION ALL may return too many rows when a static or dynamic cursor is used
61641 SQL UNION ALL with mismatched column types can crash the relational engine
61646 SQL Update table fails via MS SQL Server linked server
61661 SQL SELECT with UNION and signed/unsigned data types returns incorrect results
61678 SQL SQL query subtracting timestamp values with ifnull() returns Expression Evaluation Error
61683 SQL SQL Engine crash on query with static/dynamic cursor and partial indexes
61689 SQL PCC not exporting LONGVARBINARY longer than 64KB
61695 SQL Insert or Update of a DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP or DATETIME with VARCHAR returns “Error in assignment”
61700 SQL SQL Engine crash on query with IN restriction using a number on DATETIME column
61707 SQL Milliseconds not returned when casting a numeric value to DATETIME
61732 SQL Visual Studio 2005 ADO application gets truncated VARCHAR data from a stored procedure
53981 Utilities Add PCC functionality to drop DDF files when deleting a database
56372 Utilities DATEDIFF and DATEADD functions not highlighted in PCC
57384 Utilities PCC can be slow to display login state for secure databases
57886 Utilities Put table name in double quotes as necessary in PCC Export Wizard
58760 Utilities Allow non-Master users to have a blank password in PCC
58877 Utilities PCC cannot create a procedure with SELECT that uses two CASE columns
59191 Utilities Modifying an index in PCC causes it to be recreated with a different number
60384 Utilities Licenses disappear from License Administrator GUI depending on list size
60700 Utilities Using PCC to open a table in a new window causes PCC to lose the tree view of engines and databases
61457 Utilities Add PCC functionality to monitor graphically the concurrent sessions and data usage for database engines
61565 Utilities Status Code 7218 authorizing or de-authorizing a license on Linux
61577 Utilities Add Monitor functionality to PCC
61620 Utilities PCC reports incorrect index number with USING clause in Edit SQL View
61637 Utilities Bcheck stops reporting progress after 4294 seconds
61846 Utilities Product key can load straight to "Disabled" state instead of entering "Failed Validation" state
61918 Utilities Incorrect capacity messages displayed on PSQL Vx Server when the machine previously had PSQL v10 installed