Investor Information

Pervasive Software Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Actian Corporation and PVSW is no longer traded on Nasdaq. If you are a Pervasive shareholder, please see below for information on exchanging your shares of common stock.

Q. What is the price per share and what will I receive in exchange for my shares?

A. Under the terms of the agreement with Actian, Pervasive’s shareholders will receive $9.20 in cash for each share of Pervasive common stock they hold. For example, if you own 100 shares of Pervasive stock, you will receive $920 in cash in exchange for your shares, less any applicable fees. You will not own any shares following this exchange.

Q:  What is the process for exchanging my shares of common stock?

A:  A payment agent designated by Pervasive, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., is mailing all shareholders a letter of transmittal and detailed instructions advising you how to surrender your certificates or transfer your uncertificated shares in exchange for the right to receive the merger consideration payment. The transaction closed April 11, 2013 and the letter of transmittal is expected to be mailed on or around Monday, April 15, 2013.  You will be entitled to receive your payment after you have surrendered your certificates for cancellation to Wells Fargo Bank together with the completed and signed letter of transmittal and such other documents that may reasonably be requested by Wells Fargo Bank, or upon receipt of an “agent’s message” by Wells Fargo Bank in the case of a book-entry transfer or uncertificated shares. You should not forward your stock certificates to Wells Fargo Bank without a letter of transmittal.

If you have not received your letter of transmittal by Monday, April 22, 2013, please contact the Wells Fargo Acquisition Team at (866) 927-3919 or 

Q. What if my shares of common stock are held in “street name” by a broker, bank or other nominee?

A. If your shares are held in “street name” by your broker, bank or other nominee you will receive instructions from your broker, bank or other nominee as to how to proceed with the surrender of your “street name” shares in exchange for the merger consideration payment.